Virtual CFO Services

Oversee the Financial Function on a part-time basis

Hands-On Financial Management as needed

Revamp Financial Reporting to better inform

Develop Rolling Forecasts to smooth out seasonality

Act as Analyst and Advisor to Owner/CEO:

  • Billing rates
  • Labor capacity
  • Volume constraints
  • Eroding margins
  • Cash tightness
  • Emerging challenges

Define and Implement Key Performance/productivity metrics

Develop Alternative Solutions to financial issues

Build Chart of Accounts for accurate and clean financial reporting

Forecast Cash Flow using a model you can tweak and update yourself

Virtual CFO Services - John Lafferty - CFO Pro

Build financial models that endure

The best financial models are simple and to the point. They deliver only the information a CEO needs to make smart and strategic decisions.

I build lean, clean financial models that enable better forward-looking projections, a clearer view of the company’s growth trajectory and provide accurate reporting of the company’s progress.

In addition to building financial models, I also:

  • Fix Financial Models
  • Tweak Financial Models for companies whose operations have changed
  • Help CEOs plan and execute growth strategies
  • Help CEOs in a fast growth mode determine if they will run out of money, identify where the cash shortfall will occur and anticipate the cash flow needs

Define and build key metrics - track trends for decision-making

Clearly define what the ratios and indicators are, apply them to the company’s outcomes and interpret the results. This includes building productivity ratios, performance indicators and financial ratios.

Cleanly built metrics allow a company to fluently track their results- weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.

In addition to building and analyzing key metrics, I also offer a service to maintain the tracking – watch-dogging the numbers to identify and monitor progress, trends or trouble.

Prepare or reorganize financial statements that inform

Provide a reorganization of the reporting format to make it easier for key managers to understand the reporting, which helps them make smarter forward-looking decisions.

Remove the complexity from the reporting system and put line items in their proper position.

Increase cash flow using basic management techniques

Assist management in maintaining profit margins and indentifying where, when and why they are fluctuating.

Assist in identifying and controlling overhead expenses, aging receivables and monitoring accounts payable.

Deploy specific financial management techniques to increase cash flow by adjusting or eliminating cash flow drains and aligning profitable growth objectives with funds availability.

Develop forward-looking financial strategies for companies in growth modes or with flat or diminishing sales

Develop financial strategies that support a company on a fast growth track or a future growth track.

Develop financial strategies for companies with flat growth or negative growth.

Determine cost cutting methods, service and product eliminations, and manpower and facility eliminations to counter balance negative trends.

Stabilize cash flow and reorganize financial model to enable positive growth.

Prepare business for successful exit

Develop an exit strategy 3-5 years before the intended sale. Prepare the company for offer by strategically managing the business for growth and profitability to create a successful track record for potential suitors. Get rid of non-yielding assets by converting them to cash. Assist in getting performance and productivity indicators in a positive trend and stabilizing financial ratios.

On the management side: recommend the company have a capable team of key management in place to operate the business efficiently once the CEO departs.