How to Get Out of Debt in One-third to One-half the Time

United First Financial’s Money Merge Account® (MMA) program will change the way you bank.  Instead of having a standard, passive bank account, your MMA account mimics a bank itself, earning interest and canceling interest on every dollar you earn.  Think of the MMA program like a financial GPS; live and web-based, this online money management tool will accurately point to where you are financially.  There is no refinancing of existing mortgages and little to no change in lifestyle.

The MMA system is a highly complex and efficient mathematical engine that helps you calculate the best way to pay off your mortgage(s), credit card debt, consumer debt, and school loans.  The system eliminates years of payments and, hence, interest.  It employs a line of credit (HELOC), or checking and savings accounts, so that you can easily transfer money from one account to another to help minimize interest fees and reduce debt more rapidly.

I use the system with my HELOC.  All my income, debts and expenses were entered into the system.  The system then calculated the quickest and most efficient way to reduce my debt to zero.  No money lies idle in a checking account.  All of my money is working. It is either in the HELOC or a savings account.  You are putting your paychecks to work rather than having them sit in your checking account.

My bills are not paid until they are due, and they are paid either by credit card or by electronic fund transfers.  No one uses my money except me. My HELOC serves as my cash-in and cash-out account.  Discretionary income (excess of income over expenses) each month can be used to reduce mortgage principal or other debt principal.  The software prompts you on what and when to pay.

If you need money for an emergency or if you wish to remodel the kitchen (like we just did), you still have total control of your money.  When you initially set up your system with your coach you decide what your minimum reserves will be.  Your payoff time will adjust every time you make an unplanned deposit or withdrawal.

Yes, there is a cost, and you can pay it with a credit card.  You get a free personal analysis of your situation before making a decision to buy.  Results will vary and are determined by individual financial situations.  This information does not constitute an offer or a solicitation to lend or extend credit.  United First Financial is based in Salt Lake City.  They provide toll-free telephone support.

People are beginning to realize they can no longer live off of their home equity or credit cards.  They need to get into a more stable financial situation and the MMA product will help individuals achieve that goal.  Please share this issue with family and friends.

Call Peggy Kinst, United First Financial Agent, at 630-916-9677 for your free personal analysis.


The Wisdom of Henry Hazlitt (1894-1993)

The proposal is frequently made that the government ought to assume the risks that are “too great for private industry.”  This means that bureaucrats should be permitted to take risks with the taxpayers’ money that no one is willing to take with his own.

Here is one consequence of loans of this type.  Capital will be wasted and production reduced.  Available capital will be thrown into bad or at best dubious projects.  Capital will be put into the hands of persons who are less competent or less trustworthy (B) than those who would otherwise have got it (A).  What is put into the hands of B cannot be put into the hands of A.

Taxpayers are forced to subsidize the bad risks and to defray the losses.  The government can give no financial help to business that it does not first or finally take from business.  The government’s funds all come from taxes.  When the government makes loans to business, what it does is to tax successful private business in order to support unsuccessful private business.

— from Economics in One Lesson (1946)