John Lafferty is the Problem Solver – Week 1

Usually, we start the month with a series of posts that help businesses stay on track for financial growth. This month, we are profiling the work that John Lafferty has done to refocus and maintain the financial stability of various companies. As you read the profiles this month, ask yourself, “does this sound like a issue that my business is having”?

Place: Salt Lake City, Utah

Company Type: Real Estate Broker

The Situation: A company finds itself in the enviable position of rapid growth — but with the unenviable and daunting situation of being ill prepared to manage an unexpectedly large increase in working capital needs.

The question on every one’s lips is, when a company finds itself in this position, how is it to conduct itself in order to make the most of its sudden opportunity? How do they handle the very real challenge of avoiding mismanagement, with the possibility of losing out on a real opportunity of growth?

The John Lafferty Solution

Enter hands-on professional, interim Chief Financial Officer (more commonly referred to as CFO) John Lafferty.  Using his keen insight and business sense, he uses his financial prowess to aid the rapidly growing company in the development and implementation of a guide tailored to their needs.

The CFO-Pro Solution: He proceeds to assist in creating a sustainable plan covering everything from tracking cash flow to recreating their financial reporting format, highlighting where and how they can achieve their goals — “to double their number of agents within a tight time frame” — without the use of outside funds. Mr. Lafferty provided their company with the invaluable tools needed to capitalize on their opportunity and make their time of growth a smooth moment in their business’ history.

Rapid growth is a gift and a curse. You need to have the right financial guidance in place to ensure that growth does not become your demise. Contact John Lafferty at 630-269-7646 today!