Accounting Solutions

John Lafferty provides outsourced entrepreneurs and small business accounting services using cloud-based solutions—or desktop QuickBooks if you prefer. Here is how he assists you:small business accounting services with xero

Small Business Accounting Services

  1. Supervision of all transaction recording and the reconciling of your books and records.
  2. Manage your financial reviews, balance sheets, and the current reconciliation of your books.
  3. Provides you one-on-one attention and support.
  4. Set you up with Xero—the online accounting software alternative to QuickBooks. You can do your business and access your finances from anywhere, anytime with real-time views of your cash flow. Lafferty is Xero Certified.

Why People Love Xero - The Beautiful Accounting Software

  • Automated daily bank feeds
  • Fast, simple and customized invoicing
  • Available anytime, anywhere you're online
  • Real time collaboration with us, your advisors
  • Safe and secure
  • Smart reports with links to source transactions
  • Dashboard gives a clear financial overview
  • Awesome support at no additional cost
  • No installation or IT maintenance required
  • Pay as you go and no up-front costs

Simple, Smart, Secure

Put John's Financial Expertise to Work for You