Praise for Interim & Virtual CFO John Lafferty

Listen to Bill Metcalf's interview of John:

What does John do to help your business?

What process does John go through to get to know your company?

What is John's approach to delivering your solution?

Bill Fisher

Chairman, Board Advisory Corporation

A veteran of over 140 Board of Directors, Board Advisory Corporation Chairman Bill Fisher talks about CFO-Pro’s ability to explain situations concisely and coherently in a way that compels people to take action. Hear more here.

Greg Wittstock

President, Aquascape Designs, Inc.

"John, I am glad we found you when we did. Your projections, optimism, and thoroughness have helped Aquascapes and me greatly. Thanks for everything."


Keene Addington

CEO, Flat Top Grill Restaurants

Keene talks about how he needed a handle on cost trends, a strategy to address the facts, and cash flow planning as he grew his restaurant chain.

Tom Morton


Tom discusses John’s ability to teach people in positions of responsibility to see ways to fix problems rather than just fixing the problem himself, to evaluate a business and how to tweak it for better results, and to help an owner understand if his thinking is moving the business in the right direction.

Dawn Gay

President, Accelerated Resources

A specialist in the healthcare arena, Dawn talks about John’s ability to communicate and build financial models that clients can work with and not just read.

Joe McCaul

President, Joseph Associates International

Joe talks about John’s ability to maximize profitability and to identify revenue drivers.

Cathy Fitzhenry

President, CSF Marketing Services, Inc.

"Too often, skilled financial experts get too caught up in analyzing and computing numbers and they fail to see the full strategic picture. That’s one way CFO-Pro gains the competitive advantage. I hope you realize that you differentiate yourself from other CFOs because you take into consideration the corporate culture, marketing initiatives, emotional intelligence and strategic direction, and then you couple that with excellent listening skills."

William A. Lederer

Chairman and CEO, Minotaur Partners

“You have a very good reputation for supplementing a management team with timely and high quality accounting and financial support expertise. You were certainly very effective in working with Art.com’s management team during the high stress period of our start-up. I believe you would be equally effective in emerging growth companies and in older owner-operated companies.”

Melissa Giovagnoli

Founder, Networlding

“Every business owner should use the CFO-Pro. It makes all the difference in pricing of products—in other words, actually getting the advice you need to make a profit.”

Paul D. Benevich

Managing Director, MBA Plans, Inc.

“Your financial projection models are fantastic. They are so intuitive from a user viewpoint, and have greatly aided my capability to deliver the total business plan package to my clients.”

Douglas Kahn

President, Kahn Financial Group

“You have done a great many financial models for our investment banking services company. You are very knowledgeable and your work is outstanding!”

Troy Burnett

Broker/Owner, Elitere, LLC

"The handle you helped us put on our company finances I believe will be invaluable."