What I Do Best

In An Area Where Experience Matters Most, I Bring Over 40 Years To The Table.

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Outsourcing all types of corporate services is one of today’s key business trends, and taking advantage of Virtual CFO services is an ideal win-win situation. You get the benefit of my background without making a full-time commitment. Keep in mind:

  • My core experience is over a decade with Arthur Andersen — gone but not forgotten as the leader of the “Big Five” firms.
  • My expertise centers in factual analysis and forward-looking financial projections — and I’m damn good at it.
  • I understand how entrepreneurs think, and know what they’re striving for.
  • I can dig trends and signals out of books and balance sheets that others may not notice.
  • I’m comfortable working with small- and mid-sized businesses across the United States, both on-site and virtually.
  • As an MBA and CPA, I’ve advised seasoned entrepreneurs, start-up ventures, and emerging and mature businesses in a variety of industries

If you’d like to download a PDF of my resume, click here. // note — need resume! //